• Corporate Publishing

    We publish corporate publications including magazines, brochures, newsletters, maps et al
  • Digital Photography

    We undertake commercial photography projects that include events and hotel photography
  • Graphic Design

    Our design undertakes outsourced graphic design projects that include magazine design, adverts design et al
  • Documentary Production

    We produce captivating documentary productions for corporates
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Communications Solutions

Africa's Global Voice

We Are


We are driven by a deep passion for what we do. Our desire is to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

We have a dedicated team of young professionals with a burning desire to succeed and in the process, enhancing our clients' brand identity and visibility.


We are committed to the values of high quality service, professionalism and customer service.

We pay special attention to the needs and demands of our clients so that we can exceed their expectations through a seamless service delivery process.


We guarantee our clients quick turnarounds for their projects while keeping an eye on detail.

Our team of highly skilled and dedicated designers, writers, editors and photographers is at hand to ensure the delivery of a high quality, professional job.

A fantastic magazine! We love it's look & feel.

Carmen Nibigira, Director General, ONT